26 thoughts on “Remedies For Neck Pain For Stiff Neck

  1. What’s the best ointment / treatment for a very sore, stiff neck?
    Ever wake up with that nagging pain along one side of your neck that makes it impossible to turn your head without excrutiating pain? Besides time, what really helps?

    • There are a lot of natural remedies for a sore stiff neck. If specifically you are looking for an ointment, I would reccomend biofreeze natural pain relief gel. Its a unique, effective pain reliever formulated to provide a variety of benefits for therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort.

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  2. What is the best remedy for pain for stiff neck?
    My 3 year old niece is complaining for pain on the left part of her nape, I suspect it’s stiff neck, now on its second day. She is still the usual active and healthy except for the “awi” she complains on her neck when she tends to move her head and lay down to bed.

    • I would say a warm compress or childrens asprin. Perhaps a combination of both. If It is still bothering her after 3 days, I’d probably seek medical attention.

  3. what are some stiff neck remedies that do NOT use heat?
    Since my apartment building doesn’t have air conditioning, I’m stuck with fans pointing at me all day. One doesn’t oscillate, and the one that does won’t keep me cool no matter where I put it unless it’s stationary and both are causing a stiff neck.

    What are some remedies you know of that do no require heat? It’s way too hot for heating pads, bean bags, etc. Ice and stretching don’t seem to work either.

  4. What do I do to get rid of permanent stiff neck & shoulders?
    My neck and shoulders remain stiff generally. Have tried phisiotherapy but of no avail. The day I take a pain killer, I feel better and can play good golf too. Looking for a simple home remedy as a daily chore.

    • Refer to your PCP for the best answer, as he/she will know the cause of the stiffness, and I do not.
      I tend to hold stress in that area. Try stretching, rolling the shoulders, and drinking lots of water. Water will help if your muscles retain a lot of toxins.

  5. How long is a stiff neck supposed to last? What are some remedies other than heat or ice?
    My neck and upper back hurt when i rotate my head or look down. It’s been hurting for almost 5 days now. I thought it was just stiff neck at first, but it’s not feeling any better yet. What should I do to remedy the pain? Is it serious?

    • I am guessing muscle spasam and you need potassium. Tomatoes, potatoes, bananas
      Also take a calcium suppliment with 1200 IU and vit D

      A Multivitamin should have both.

      If you have a friend with a hot tub this would be a good time to call them.

  6. Any remedies for a painful stiff neck?
    Ok, I woke up in the morning with a painful neck. It’s probably because I had the fan on all night, I’m not sure. But now it’s moderately painful in my neck. I’m pretty sure it’s a stiff neck. It also hurts when I move my head around. Does anyone know any good remedies that work fairly quickly, or exercises that I can do?

    • Hi Lucy I really feel your pain maybe you slept wrongly or in a position where it would put strain on your neck.

      I have had this many times so I know what a bother it can be and how painful it can be. Try deep heat gel just rub it into your neck and try moving your head side to side a few times and see if that eases your pain. If that doesn’t work go to a beauty salon and get a back, neck and shoulder massage I had one when I woke up with a very sore and painful stiff neck and by the end the pain had gone and I felt happier and much more relaxed.

      I hope this helps you and your neck gets better soon

  7. What remedy or weird thing do you do to alleviate back pain?
    My back is sore everyday and stiff. Right now my biggest complain is this spot in between my shoulder blades below my neck on the right side of where that hump thing is. It feels horrible. My other complaint is that the muscles around my ribs seem sore and stuff. Like as if my muscles are hardening or something. Sometimes at night when I start to get settled into bed my back will start cracking by itself, that’s the only time I get relief. I’ve tried everything from hanging my head off my bed, neck rolls, stretches, massagers. Can someone tell me any home remedies or weird or natural things they do to alleviate strange back pain? Thanks so much!

    • Yoga always makes my back feel amazing. It hurts at first, but once you get going, the pain goes away.

  8. My neck and shoulders are always knotted up?
    For like a year now my whole upper body has been stiff and sometimes sore. I constantly feel the need to stretch my neck or roll my head to the side. Any idea what could be causing it? I do have big breasts for my frame, could that cause this soreness?

  9. Should I put heat or ice on a stiff neck?
    I woke up this morning with a stiff neck and its painful to turn my head either way. Am I supposed to apply heat or ice to my neck?

    • Both supposedly are good for you, but from my own personal point of view, I would opt for the heat remedy, cold especially something like an ice pack, makes the pain worse as the cold is so intense, whereas heat tends to comfort.

      Also though it hurts, the best thing to do is gentle exercises, such as very very gently moving you head from side to side, then rolling the head back and forth, attempting to put your chin on your chest. but again only do that after heat treatment, and remember slow and gentle. It will pass in a day or two.

      Also and actually more important of all, think about the way you sleep, sounds like a problem with your pillows. Remember when we lay on our sides, there is a big gap between our heads and our shoulders where the neck is, hence it puts too much strain on the neck muscles. So I suggest more pillows. Say your head sleeps on two pillows, then have another pillow between your head and shoulders, and that should stop it happening again.

      Good Luck
      Billie UK

  10. What are some remedies to get rid of a stiff neck?
    i think i slept wrong last night. so this morning when i woke up i had a really stiff neck. every time i turn my neck i get a sharp pain. pleasee help.

  11. What is the best cure for fibromyalgia?
    I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have around the clock headaches, extremely low energy, sore spots on my body, aching joints and muscles, neck pain, back pain, I have a hard time concentrating or focusing, have anxiety, and stay worried and stressed all of the time and I can’t help it. These are all symptoms of fibromyalgia and everything I have tried hasn’t worked. I have 4 children who need more of me than what they are getting due to my physical condition. What is the best cure for this?

  12. Could this be something really serious or just a coincidence?
    In the past 3-4 days, I have developed a stiff painful neck. I have never had this before. It’s also associated with a headache. The headache is sometimes dull and achy and sometimes severe. My headache turns into pain and pressure when I lean my neck down. I haven’t done anything that could strain my neck. I’ve looked up some possible causes and I constantly come up with meningitis and encephalitis. I also have a bit of nausea. Has anyone else had this problem or can think of any other possible causes?

    • Even sleeping wrong can cause neck stiffness which in turn could lead to a headache. It may be remedied by a chiropractor.

      However, if you’re even remotely in doubt, get to a doctor, and get there fast. This can only be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional.

  13. What does it mean when you have progressing head aches?
    So I have been having really bad headaches off and on throughout the day for the past two weeks. I do not like taking pills so I stick to natural remedies. But sometimes the head aches are light other times there like a pounding sensation. Could there be a cause for this? Also could peppermint oil or leaves work, if so where could you find them?