27 thoughts on “Right Shoulder Pain After Gallbladder Removal

  1. Upper back pain two days after gallbladder removal normal?
    I just had my gallbladder removed a couple of days ago. I feel fine except my upper mid back hurts. Could this be from the oxygen put in me? Did anyone experience this? Thanks!

    • I had that surgery done two years ago, and so I know a lot about it. Right after the surgery, my shoulders hurt, because of the carbon they put in to enlarge the organs, so it’s normal.
      It will be released through your body over time, and it’s normal that it still hurts.
      With me, it got better after about 3 days.

      I was also 14 when I had it done if that helps give you an idea of how it was for me.

  2. What options do I have when my gallbladder only works 22%?
    I have had chest pain for a few years now I was told it was acid relux. I recently had more test done and was told it’s my gallbladder. The doctor said that it’s only working 22%, she didn’t mention stones. She suggested that I have it removed but I want to know if I have other options. I know people that have had there’s removed and still have problems. I get severve chest and stomach pain like I’m bloated, I also burp everytime I eat fatty type foods ie. milk, soda, cheese, hamburger helpers…

  3. MY boyfriend is going in for gall bladder sugary and I was just wondering exactly what that sugary entails ?
    Is there anything I can do to help him to be more comfortable during recovary?

    • In the hospital I work at they send people who have had laproscopic removal of the gallbladder home the day it is done. The only reason they would keep him is if he has side effects from the anaesthesia or complications during the surgery. The worst discomfort from laproscopic surgery comes from all the air they pump into the abdomen so they can see what they are working on. They try to remove most of the air but some remains. His stomach will be quite bloated and the air can sometimes travel up the right shoulder causing pain there. Pain medication only partially helps this pain and the best way to get rid of this pain is to get rid of the gas. He can do this by moving around. Tell him to walk, don’t just lay in bed. After any surgery you have to stay mildly active as much as it hurts. You don’t want to end up with blood clots or pneumonia!

  4. How did you feel when you had gallbladder problems?
    I have a non functioning gallbladder and have felt very nauseated and have had diarrhea. Are these normal symptoms or could this be something else? I’m meeting with a surgeon next week to discuss removal.

    • ‘Non-functioning’ is a bit unclear.
      But if it’s gallstones causing inflammation of your gallbladder (cholecystitis), the usual symptom is pain in the back or right shoulder…not nausea and diarrhea.
      This is entirely something else: Probably your body’s reacting to some food you ate recently. If you’re not sure, get yourself checked for food poisoning in a hospital.

  5. Pain in right shoulder after gallbladder removal?
    I had my gallbladder removed 4 days ago, and have experienced some uncomfortable gas, but not much. Tonight I was woken up my a terrible pain in my right shoulder, that won’t go way, even with massages and an icy gel pack. What could this be?

    • This is very common after surgery. When you are in surgery the anesthesiologist puts your neck in a hyper extended position {backwards} to put the intubation tube in your throat correctly. Many people complain of throat, shoulder and neck pain after surgery. Rest and take your pain medication. Pain medication is part of your healing.Call your Doctor if the pain continues.

  6. I have left shoulder pain after open gallbladder and stone removal surgery?
    My mother is sufffering from acute left shoulder pain after open surgery of gallblader and stone removal

    • this is notdue to surgery i think this is due to sponolysis or due to blood pressure

  7. Severe Abdominal and Back Pain- Tylenol 3?
    I took one Tylenol 3 because I have some inflamation in my shoulder. I had it leftover from a gallbladder removal about two months ago. I sometimes have this when taking it, but I get severe upper and middle abdominal pain, and it goes to my back. Has anyone had this before? I am so high feeling off of this one freaking pill, and the shoulder pain is gone, but now I have very sharp pains elsewhere.

  8. Could nausea be only symptom of gallbladder problem?
    I’ve been battling horrible nausea for almost a month now. They did an ultrasound and found small stones and sludge in my gallbladder. I’ve now been scheduled to see a surgeon. I just want to make sure they’re treating the right thing. I’ve never heard of people having gallbladder issues with nausea as the only symptom. I don’t want to go through surgery only to find out that’s not what was causing the problem all along. Anyone else have similar issues and feel better after gallbladder removal?

    • Yes here are all the symptoms
      Pain or tenderness under the rib cage on the right side
      Pain between shoulder blades
      Stools light or chalky colored
      Indigestion after eating, especially fatty or greasy foods
      Burping or belching
      Feeling of fullness or food not digesting
      Diarrhea (or alternating from soft to watery)
      Headache over eyes, especially right
      Bitter fluid comes up after eating
      Frequent use of laxatives

  9. How many of you had gallbladder removal surgery?
    What were your symptoms prior to the surgery and how long was recovery? And what was recovery like?

    • before surgery there is severe gastric pain in the area just below your right ribs. sometimes the right shoulder hurts too. you could feel nausea and vomit too. you might have diarrhea. symptoms are usually worse after eating greasy foods (chicken enchiladas anyone?).

      recovery for one person is different from the next. sometimes a person can recover after having an ERCP done. it is a procedure where the sludge is washed out of the bile duct and you go home. but sometimes people don’t get their gall bladder removed and it can get inflammed and burst. It can become gangrenous… and it’s just sitting there in your abdomen.

      normally gall bladder removal can be done laparscopically with 1 – 4 little incisions. but soemtimes the gall bladder is so nasty that you require a large transverse incision that lies just below your right rib cage. like I said, it all depends on how bad your gall bladder is.

      some people have their gall bladder removed, but then need a bag attached to their body for a few weeks to drain the mess from the bill duct.

      best bet… go to a competent surgeon (one whose infection rates are available for all to see). ask him how he will control the pain during your recovery period.

      have fun!

  10. What qualifies me to get an emergency gallbladder removal operation in the UK?
    I’m 15.For the past 7 days my gallbladder and my shoulder blades were really sore, been sick twice(including today), tiredness, unusual colour of urine and all pain killers that doctors prescribed (including Tramadol and Co-Codamol) don’t work. I can’t go to school and cannot do my exams
    What do I do?

    • If you have a fever or jaundiced then you need to seek medical attention URGENTLY. If you haven’t done so already, then you ought to see your GP anyway (even if you are not jaundiced or don’t have a fever).
      My understanding is that you would have a gallbladder removed as a medical emergency if the bladder is infected or not functioning correctly.

      Ring NHS Direct and give them your symptoms if you are concerned AT ALL. 0845 4647

  11. What’s a normal duration for pain after laparoscopic gallbladder removal?
    I had my gallbladder removed laparoscopically last Friday, and I’m on Vicodin for pain management. So far, I feel great aside from the residual pain from the procedure. Does anyone know what a normal duration for this surgery-related pain to last? I’ve heard of “recovery” times of 7-10 days for the laparoscopic procedure, but I’m not sure if this refers to the pain or the wounds, or what.

    • had it 2 years ago pain lasted about a week shoulder pain was the worst of it!

  12. What does a gall bladder attack mean?
    If a person has a gall bladder attack and gets thru it, does it mean anything, like they have something greater wrong with them or could it be more like a one-time thing?

    • To have a gallbladder attack the person will have gallstones and the attack is when the stones move and irritate the gallbladdwe. They are most likely to do this after eating fatty foods as bile from the gallbladder ia released to help digest the food, when a lot of bile ia required it can move the stones and this is how the ‘attack’ happens. It involves sharp intense pain in the upper right abdomen and can radiate to the chest , back and right shoulder. Attacks last anything from twenty minutes to a few hours and can be relieved with strong prescribed painkillers however the pain only goes completely when the gallbladder has stopped contracting. Sometimes stones can move and get stuck in bile ducts which results in dark urine and pale stools. Gall attacks are common to those with gallstones that show symptoms and there’s no real pattern about when they happen except by being triggered by fatty foods. They are perfectly survivable but should be discussed with a doctor as they do not randomly stop happening one day, removal of the stones and gallbladder is the best treatment.

  13. What causes severe pain below the breast bone?
    it doesn’t happen all the time, most of the time at night or really early in the morning. usually occupied with back pain. I can’t afford to go to the doctor
    so if I don’t get the surgery would I die?

    • I had similar pain earlier this year and it was because gallstones had formed in my gallbladder. Here’s the description of the attacks (random the pain you might be feeling) from Wikipedia:

      “A main symptom of gallstones is commonly referred to as a gallstone “attack”, also known as biliary colic, in which a person will experience intense pain in the upper abdominal region that steadily increases for approximately thirty minutes to several hours. A victim may also encounter pain in the back, ordinarily between the shoulder blades, or pain under the right shoulder. In some cases, the pain develops in the lower region of the abdomen, nearer to the pelvis, but this is less common… Often, these attacks occur after a particularly fatty meal and almost always happen at night.”

      If this is the case, surgical removal of the gallbladder is the solution.

      This is just the first thing that came to my mind because it just happened to me.

  14. What is the typical recovery for gallbladder removal surgery?
    I had my gall bladder out with the scope. I have 4 incisions that have been stapled shut. I have a total of 12 staples. I was the worse after the surgery, I had a lot of air in me that I couldnt get out. However it seems to be fine now. I used an air machine and it cleared out.

    My staples are itchy, the swelling is going down and i feel in occasional pain but feel better if Im walking around or take a mild pain reliever (percocet only 1 a day) Do you think that wallking around will further me from healing?
    Im eating normal, and passing normal bowel movements also. No fever or anything.
    They also prescribed me prilosoc to take in the morning.

    How would I know if I have internal bleeding or anything?

    • If you would have been my post-operative patient I would have got you up to at least the chair within hours after returning from the recovery room. You would have walked in the hall at least twice prior to being discharged that evening. I am assuming you were an outpatient scope for this procedure. Walking is the only way to get the air from inside out!! It’s actually a gas that they put into your stomach to make you appear to look 11 months pregnant while they perform the operation. The air generally seems to get stuck around the shoulder blade area though and the pain is sometimes unbearable. They actually press as much gas out before closing you, but it’s pretty much impossible to get it all. Your itching is an excellant sign of healing. You should be off the percocet by now also. Motrin alone should take the discomfort away. Don’t use those pain meds unless you really really need them. They are addicting and also will make you VERY constipated! If you had internal bleeding or an infection your body would have reacted with other signs… elevated temps, nausea, excessive pain or drainage. Good Luck and happy healing.