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  1. Could computer ergonomics be to blame for my shoulder pain?
    Recently my shoulder has been bothering me if I raise my arm above parallel with the ground. The only other time it hurts is when I’m at work, in front of the computer, using the mouse. Is this an ergonomics problem? If so, is my employer obligated to pay for treatment?

    • If it is a ergonomic problem which it sounds like it might be your employer would have to pay for medical treatment.

      This would be a workers compensation claim and employers often try fighting these kinds of claims however you have rights as an employee. Look on your state’s workers compensation website and you can find out what your legal rights are. I know CA workers compensation but I have no idea what state you are living in. Good Luck.

  2. What is a good ergonomic device to help with my shoulder problems due to computer use?
    I am experiencing extreme shoulder and upper back pain from using my mouse. This has lasted 5 years. I get physical therapy, I feel better, but when I use a computer mouse I experience extreme muscle spasms and strains in my shoulder. What ergonomic device should I buy that would ease the strain on my shoulder, back and arm? I bought an adjustable armrest but that just causes the pectoral in my chest to be irritated.

    • Try a mouse tray that attaches to the underside of the desk top (or get a whole keyboard tray with enough room for your mouse so that you can mouse while your arm is held against your side and your elbow bent to 90 degrees. Sometimes, if you are doing more mousing than keyboarding, it might be helpful to move your keyboard and put your mouse directly infront of your hand. You should never “reach” for your mouse.

  3. How to prevent shoulder and elbow pain from computer mouse use?
    I’ve been having pain around my right shoulder blade that is now traveling to my elbow. I’m sure it’s from the computer mouse – when I went on vacation it went away. I’ve raised my seat but now my feet dangle off the chair. I have a wrist rest – what else can I do?

    • There are several steps you can take to make your workstation more comfortable.

      1. Get a good chair that has adjustable arm rests and a seat pad. If your feet are dangling, you can use a foot rest so that your feet are flat. Your elbows should be bent at 90 degrees and be supported by your armrests so that your shoulders can relax..

      2. Place your keyboard directly in front of you. To releive strain on your writs, stop periodically and rest you hands in your lap. Your computer should be at eye level.

      3. Stretch! Take atleast one 5 minute stretch break for every hour at your desk.

      I hope this helps!

  4. I have had neck and shoulder pain since i started to use computer now?
    I have had neck and shoulder pain since i started to use computer. its been 3-4 years.
    don’t suggest that i have to use proper seating posture. Now the situation is that my body is caught by that kind of decease. doesn matter if i use any better position of posture. it still continue to pain.

    tell me to overcome this problem. Cure is there for this??

    • Let me guess…you’re using a laptop.

      I had a similar experience from using those silly finger pads or the little red buttons in the center of the keyboard of some laptop computers. I even watched as a guy from work was rushed to the hospital one day after he experienced chest pains and thought he was having a heart attack. The thing is, your body was never meant to be pushing down on a hard surface with a single finger for hours at a time. It will not only cause neck and shoulder pain, but chest, leg and back pain.

      The solution is to get a mouse to attach to your laptop.

  5. What are the consequences of being in front of PC a lot ?
    Im 15 year old guy. I use a computer a lot. Like 5-6 hours a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I want to know what harms it causes, any help or tips how to reduce the harms if there are any. Im pretty addicted, but i don’t want have troubles in future. Any help would be appreciated..

  6. How to get rid of shoulder pain?
    I am getting shoulder pain and wrist joint pain only in the right hand, if i work with computer for long hours. Normally it is not paining much.

    I also doubt that my all joints in the right hand side part of the body is having some problem???

    • This can be solved by using different type of mouse, taking breaks and doing certain exercises.

      Stand up at attention position.

      Bring up both hands from shoulder up and Parallel to the floor. put them back to back then bend them away thru the wrist and the knuckles. do it few times every few hours. Look up other exercises and do them too.

      If possible get a proper computer chair and a computer table.

      Large companies and banks in USA provide Ergonomic evaluation, if it is available then get it done. They may give you more suitable chair or some pillows and even a foot stool to rest the feet. Use slip on shoes so you can slip it off from time to time.

      Make sure the garments are good fitting not too tight or loose. Pay attention to both upper body and lower body garment.

      Look up proper sitting, walking and standing posture and use it or even adjust it to suite your need.


      Take aspirin or equal.
      Apply pain Killer ointment.
      Give hot and cold compressions (need ice bag and hot water bag).

  7. What are usual pains related to computer use?
    For some weeks I have pain in the upper atriculations two fingers of my right hand, wrist and shoulder. My husband says it is because I type and work too much on my laptop? Is this possible? What are the typical symtoms of computer over use? What can be done to avoid/cure them?
    Thxs for the advice.

    • It’s from the key board and mouse. Things like carpel tunnel (spell check), sore neck, back, eyes, head ace are all common.

      For your hands/wrists get a mouse pad that has a cushion to rest your wrist. They are at any computer or office supply store for about $10. They also have a wrist rest for in front of the key board. At the very least get the one for the mouse.

      Sore neck and back is from having bad posture or badly placed screens. Sit up with the screen directly in front of you. If you have to look down or up then it will strain your neck and that pain will travel down your back.

      To save your eyes give them a break every two hours or as needed. It also helps to use dark backgrounds. That might also help with head aces.

      Good luck!

  8. What should be the height of a desk for computer use and comfort?
    My wrist tend to hurt even tho I have gel cushioning for my key board and mouse. Shoulders as well after long computer usage.

    . i am 5’11″ if that matters

    • Recommended height where keyboard/mouse are placed is 25 to 29 inches.
      But what is really important is that the arms are in a horizontal position or parallel to floor. The wrist or palm cushion should be used for resting and not really as support while making the keystrokes or mouse movement.

      The wrist pain your are experiencing could be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Observe micro-breaks to relax your wrist/arm, eyes, neck, etc. Severe CTS can only be relieved through surgery.

  9. Why does my shoulders and the back of my lower neck hurt so bad?
    my shoulder blades and the back of my neck can just kill me at times. i dont know why. everyone says it is because of drafting or working as a cashier but that was in high school, i am almost out of college and i work as a data entry. and sometimes it hurts so bad i can not drive.

  10. Pain in shoulder from new computer mouse?
    I’ve been using the same mouse and keyboard for a long time , and my mouse recently broke so I went out and bought a new one. After using this new mouse I’ve been experiencing major pain in my right shoulder. What should I do? Is it the new mouse that’s cousing it?

  11. How to get rid of knots in my back?
    I work in front of a computer all day so I get these horrible knots in my neck and shoulder blade. I’ve had one massage before but they are expensive. Is there any way to get rid of them without getting a professional massage on a regular basis? Is there anything I can do at work to help my stress/strain?

  12. What is this burning sensation in my upper back between shoulder blades?
    I have this burning feeling like heart burn in my back. What the hell is it and what can I take to get rid of it. I am only 28 so it has nothing to do with my heart. I don’t think it has anything to do with my spine either. Can I have heart burn in my back?

    • Depending on which side of your back, it could be referred pain from your pancreas or gall bladder, or even your ovaries. Could it be esophageal reflux or heartburn too, yeah. If it’s on the side of your computer mouse hand, it could even be muscle spasm from having your mouse to high and in front of your body. If that’s not it, please go see your doctor and have it checked out.

  13. How to get relief from wrist and shoulder pain?
    I have continuous pain in my right shoulder, wrist and elbow for the past few months. I feel it is due to continuous use of mouse and keyboard. Previously I had similar pain in upper back and neck area and relieved about 85% with some simple exercises.

    I hope some one can help me with some exercises to overcome this problem. Many thanks.

    • I think you know the practical answer is that you are on the computer too long and need breaks. Now that you are ready to go on working on 85% and put up with the pain do you think your body is going to say OK we can do this! No! its going to put you in a position where you may have to give up computing altogether. Love yourself and your spirit, go for a walk in nature, talk to real people, get out more. Change your career if all it is is computing. Look up EFT Gary Craig for the mental side of it. The body is trying to tell you something.

  14. I have pain in shoulder with tickling sensation in the rightarm and not able to use the hand freely.?
    I have pain in shoulder with tickling sensation in the right arm and not able to use the hand freely. I am afraid its because of arthiritis. I am confused why it tickles.

    • It’s not arthritis.
      More than likely it’s how you sit in front of the computer.
      I assume you’re right handed. You keep your right hand on the mouse and click like a mad little monkey. That puts your arm/hand in a certain position for an extended period of time.
      It’s a compressed nerve.
      Realign your arm/hand position and it’ll go away in a few days.